What Does A Mentor Do


What is the role of a MENTOR

  • Help mentee brainstorm strategies

  • Connect and refer mentees to resources

  • Share personal experiences related to life skills and general success

  • Provide motivation and coping strategies to mentees

  • Collaborate with program coordinator and faculty mentor supervisor.

Program goals

  • Retention

  • Persistence

  • Support

Benefits of a MENTOR SHIP

  • Creates a learning culture.

  • Promotes personal and professional development.

  • Reduces cost of learning.

  • Decreases stress and anxiety.

  • A chance to have someone to talk things through with.

  • The mentor benefits too. ...

  • Everything will comes full circle.

Why is MENTOring important

Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills students can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in multiple areas of life . Quality mentoring greatly enhances a mentees chances for success.