A dream deferred is not a dream denied


It all started From a young age. I always knew I was a little different. While other kids around me wanted to be professional athletes and rappers, I wanted to be an Air Force Pilot. My dream was to fly combat aircraft as a career. having this dream in mind, I began to order my steps in a fashion to make that dream a reality.

At age 13 I joined Civil Air Patrol. CAP is an Auxiliary of the Air Force that conducts search and rescue missions for lost persons and downed aircraft. I attended CAP once a month, but wanted to do something more frequently. I then decided to go to boarding school. I choose to go to Randolph Macon Academy. RMA is one of the few military boarding schools in the country with an Air Force JROTC and a flight program. I earned my  pilot’s license at age 17 and graduated at age 18 with an advanced diploma.  With my dream still in the forefront of my mind, I decided to attend The Citadel, the military college of the south. My plan had changed a little. Now I wanted to be a Marine Corps pilot. I set my mind on attending four years at this college, earning my commission as an officer in the Marine Corps, and then flying my way to retirement.

Unfortunately life threw me a curve ball. My family faced a problem that is very common amongst families in the United States. They had a lot of good intentions, but very limited financial resources. I had to earn scholarships, and participate in a program similar to work study while in high school to help pay for my tuition; however, my family did a great job of sheltering me from reality. Once I graduated high school it was time to face realty head on.

Throughout my life I have faced trials and hardships but I continued to strive for a better tomorrow.  Even though I never became an officer or flew a fighter jet, I earned my pilot’s license and still fly to this day. I also served in both the United States Marine Corps Reserves and the Army National Guard.

My mission is to instill hope in my mentees that they can create a better tomorrow for themselves. It will take some work, but as one of my favorite sayings goes “Calm seas never made skilled sailors.” The world is ours.



  • The goal of this team is to partner with motivated individuals, through coaching, in an effort to help them become their ideal self.